The Denim world that the Harley riders stick to


Riders want to taste denim.
Especially Harley riders want to stick to denim.

Even if it gets dirty, it should have a cool taste.
We want to stick to the positions of rivets and pockets,
and details such as strength, durability, and the hem length when we straddle bikes. …

The depth of Harley and of denim is somewhere similar, isn’t it?

Be careful not to get too addictive!

We will show you the world of denim that Harley riders must see.

1. Basic knowledge of denim

1-1. The unknown roots of denim

Originally denim was used in Europe as clothing for workers.
For now denim is commonly made of cotton,
but it had been originally made of wool.

The origin of the word “denim” is the city of “Nîmes” in southern France.

In this area the spinning industry was flourishing,
and especially the surge fabric.

The fabric produced here is said to have been used
as a work clothes
not to worry about dirt, despite its high quality.

In France, it was called “Serge de Nîmes”

It means Serge(surge fabric) from Nimes.

Later, “Serge” has been omitted,
and only the word denim has been left.

You may know the another word “jeans” that originated from Genoa in Italy.

Genoa is called “Gêne” in French.

In English “Gêne” is called “Jean”
and then a pair of jean pants is called “Jeans” .

Some people say that Genoa’s sailors spread it to Europe
as ” clothes not to worry about dirt”.

Either way, it came from Europe and it’s concept is
” clothes not to worry about dirt”.

After that, it went across the ocean from Europe
and has been innovated dramatically in the United States.

Levi Strauss, a cloth merchant who immigrated
from Germany to the United States,
and Jacob Davis, a tailor of Jewish immigrants, produced Levi’s .

At that time the U.S. was in a gold rush.
In tough working environments, clothes quickly got worn to rags.

It’s consept was “Pants that can not be broken absolutely” ,
and it became a megahit as sturdy work pants with rivets
that happened to be in their workplace and punched to their pockets.

Because denim fabric was born out of the pursuit of durability,
it is a perfect fabric for motorcycle riders.


1-2. The denim glossary : It is too late to ask their meaning now.

Let’s try a quiz.
It’s for tough and fashionable Harley riders.

Q: What is “ounce”?

“What ?,,,Although I stick to denim,
I did not know anything about it…”

Don’t worry, be easy !

Mastering some basic terms makes you denim savvy in no time.


“Ounce“ is a unit that indicates the weight of the fabric
per square yard and is a standard measure of the thickness.


Common denim, 14 ounces 370 g



Selvage is the edge of a woven fabric,
where the weft (side-to-side) threads run around the warp (top to bottom) threads,
creating a finished edge which keeps it from fraying.
And selvage often means a fabric which has selvage,
woven with vintage weaving machines such as shuttle looms, too.

Selvages often have red lines commonly called “Aka Mimi” (red ear) in Japanese.

It is inferior in production efficiency
and unsuitable for mass production, but it has scarcity value.

【Shuttle loom】

The shuttle looms are old-typed machines
that weave selvage fabrics and now few.

They can weave selvage fabric only 5m in one hour,
that’s for just two pairs of jeans.

Therefore selvage fabric has scarcity value.


A rivet is a permanent metal fastener
that is used as a reinforcement on the points of stress,
such as pocket corners of jeans,

Strictly speaking, a rivet is the piece that pierces the fabric from the inside,
while a burr is the one located on the outer side of the jeans.

YKK has the most complete and diverse line-up of it in the industry.

【One Wash】

One-wash are the jeans pre-washed and shrunk to a certain extent.
Raw denim shrinks considerably when washed,
so it is difficult to choose the size of unwashed jeans.

One-wash jeans are the solution.


Kevlar is a high-performance fabric developed by DuPont in the US
and is used for bulletproof vests of police.

It is five times stronger than steel of the same weight,
but it can be torn by friction and heavy loads.

【Indigo dye】

Indigo dye is a distinctive blue color dye.
Natural indigo dye is obtained from the tropical plant, the genus Indigofera.

2.This is the kick-ass denim Harley riders want to wear !

2-1. The denim named “Double Knee”

Which part is the most likely to get rips and tears while wearing jeans?
It’s knee, isn’t it?

Therefore, “double knee” was born to reinforce the knee part.
It was originally designed for overall for work.

Especially motorcycle mechanics work kneeling on the ground,
so the knee parts must be sturdy.

Working pants with the perfect functionality for modern Harley riders to tour ,
fiddle with machines and move around tough are the “double knees”.


2-2. The brands of double knees denim jeans picked for you

“Kojima jeans”


(Image sauce:Kojima Jeans HP )

Ultra-tough denim interwoven with Kevlar fiber.

It is double knee, but made of 13 ounces denim and then comfortable.


“Trophy Clothing”

trophy_clothing trophy_clothing2

(Image sauce:  Trophy Clothing HP)

Stretch and softness of heavyweight, and moderate slackness.
It features a nostalgic handmade feeling.

“Iron Heart”


(Image suace: Iron Heart HP )

Iron Heart is popular in heavy ounce denims,
but I dare to pick up the overalls of 12 ounces.
You can enjoy the maintenance of the motorcycle while wearing it.


harley denim doubleknee

(Image sauce : WEST RIDE HP )

The design suitable for slender riders.
It has the same diamond stitch on the double knees and on the back pockets.
Motorcycle denim specialized for bike riders made a big hit.

3. Tips for denim

3-1. Quick-fitting before fitting  


You may know some mysteries of the human body.
For example, when you hold your arms out wide,
the distance from fingertip to fingertip is the same as your height.

The length from your wrist to your elbow is the same as the length of your foot.

There is a quick fitting technique using such body ratios.
When fitting, you must check the waistlines of the jeans.

Haven’t you headed to the fitting room with a lot of jeans to find the one fits for you?

I will tell you a quick way to see if jeans fit without (or before) trying them on.


STEP 1: Pinch the left and right of the jeans’ waist with your fingers

STEP 2: Place the waistline of the jeans around your neck.

STEP 3: If the waistline comfortably meets at the back of your neck, then the jeans will fit.

If the waistline does not meet
at the back of your neck,
then the jeans will be too small for you.

If the waistline goes too far, then the jeans will be too big.
Although you might not believe the technique, you may be surprised to find that it is true.

Please try it once.


3-2. Three tips for fading quickly


Fading is also one of the fun of denim.
Fading makes jeans your own original one , and it makes attractive gradation.

Now I will tell you three tips for fading.

Part 1:
Sit and rub wrinkles of your jeans

Your jeans are wrinkled all the while riding a bike.
How about rubbing your jeans with hands wearing gloves
when you wait for a signal to turn green?

By the time you will go on a tour and come home,
you will have found a nice cat beard on your jeans.

Part 2:
When you cut the bottom of your jeans,
leave it a little longer than you think you want

That makes sagging and more wrinkles on your jeans,
and then they become more expressive and rich in taste.

Not too long, not too short.
Take your perfect fit.

Part 3: Hang your jeans to store them

Folding won’t cause them to wrinkle.
Keep wrinkling them also when you’re not wearing them.
Hanging makes denims easier to memorize wrinkles.

Just hang them by their belt loop on hanger.
They keep fading while you are sleeping.

3-3. Stylish measure method which Harley riders use

Finally, there is a part that you should not forget to measure.
It is a leg length of jeans.

“What are you talking about? Don’t you measure it first?”

You have been just lost in a smile of a sales lady
and drooling in front of the mirror of the fitting room, haven’t you?.

The genuine Harley rider should measure a leg length of jeans straddling a bike.

“You’re joking again.”

No, I’m serious.

In a shop whose staffs are psyched up,
Harley is set up inside there and they have you straddle it when measuring a leg length.

When you straddle on a bike, the bottom of your jeans naturally go up,
so if it is too short your shins are often in full view. It’s not cool.

Keep it in your mind to measure a leg length straddling a bike .
“Even your foot getting in gear is sexy”

If you were said that, even Peter Fonda might respect you
* Peter Fonda is a handsome actor appeared in the movie “Easy Rider”



Now you have become a denim savvy
and a new member of the cool adult bikers club
whose members don’t ride on Harley for nothing.

Denim lovers stick to details same as Harley lovers do.

The more you know the stories behind the fading condition of original color,
the types and positions of rivets, and the machines that wove those fabrics,
the more you can enjoy the deep expressions and tastes of denims,

It’s only denim. But it’s denim.

A genuine rider goes flying along on his bike wildly and dresses coolly.
There must be joy and pleasure of Haley ride.











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